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My Story

I came to the world of tea unintentionally. I didn’t know then how much it would mean to me, but as life became busier, I found the times I really enjoyed were when I could sit back and have a cup of tea. These were the times that I could reflect, appreciate and plan - it was when everything made sense. Tea became my personal meditation.

This started a journey.

I couldn’t believe what I had just stepped foot into. It was a new experience: subtle and amazing scents, rich and deep flavors and everything in between. It was tasting the world.

I realized it wasn’t just a meditation, it was an adventure - an adventure I want to share with you: uure adventure.

There is a tea for every person, every place and every occasion. Imagine; the fresh green notes of sencha on a spring morning; a peaty puerh on a damp and cloudy day; a woodsy oolong while quietly reflecting; and a spicy chai laughing with good friends.

It’s uure tea for uure time. 

I’ve brought together the best offerings that I can find - the ones I really appreciate. You’ll find the traditional teas you know and love, as well as many unique and exotic flavors to explore. At Uure, you can be sure you’re choosing from the very best variety and quality. So have a cup of tea to uure best life!

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